12 Latest Salwar Suit Styles & Different Types of Salwar Suit Designs

12 Latest Salwar Suit Styles & Different Types of Salwar Suit Designs - Just Salwars

One clothing piece that is common in every Indian woman’s wardrobe is the salwar suit, which has remained iconic throughout the years. But have you ever felt like you have all the types of salwar suits and have exhausted ethnic wear options? If yes, then we are here to tell you otherwise.

Just like us humans, businesses and industries evolve and grow to adapt to the newer world order and changing times. It is no surprise that the fashion industry, one of the fastest-growing industries has evolved and moulded itself to fit into the rising consumer demands. The industry is constantly trying new things to break through the conventional styles of clothing for a fresh and renewed take on fashion. And salwar kameez is no exception. 

In this blog, we will guide you to some of the latest salwar styles and different types of salwar suit designs that are yet to be explored by many ladies. Let's dive deeper into the ocean of salwar which has some of the best hidden and underrated gems to refresh your wardrobe with a whole new type of salwar suit collection.

Latest Salwar Suit Styles for Ladies

1. Anarkali Suit Style

Anarkali style salwar suit

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The Anarkali suit style pays homage to the opulence and royalty of the Mughal era. Named after the legendary dancer Anarkali, this is one of the best types of salwar suits for women wanting to try new and latest salwar suit styles. The intricate embroidery and embellishments on the kameez perfectly capture the essence of grandeur and royalty.

2. Straight Cut Salwar Suit

Straight cut salwar suit

The straight-cut salwar suit is a timeless ensemble that exudes both elegance and simplicity. Featuring a linear silhouette, the top (kameez) offers a sleek and sophisticated look with its straight line. This is one of the latest salwar suit styles that can help you spice up your fashion game. Pair it with a matching or contrasting salwar and a complementary dupatta. 

3. Frock Salwar Suit

Frock salwar suit

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Of the different salwar designs, the frock salwar suit is one of the most unique salwar suit styles that adds a playful and youthful touch to ethnic fashion. Though there are various types of suits for ladies who are seeking a salwar kameez pattern that looks vivacious, this one stands out as the best choice for its blend of cultural aesthetics and contemporary designs.

4. Jacket Style Salwar Kameez

Jacket style salwar suit

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It is one of the most celebrated types of salwar suits by ladies around the world for the rich and sophisticated look it adds to the overall appearance. A short jacket goes well with a short kameez and vice versa, so choose your jacket length accordingly. Ladies with an eye for contemporary and different salwar designs are in for a treat as most jacket-style salwar kameez offer the best salwar suit designs.

5. Lehenga Style Salwar Suit

Lehenga style salwar suit

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The lehenga-style salwar suit hands down has to be one of the prettiest salwar suit types. The oozing charm and the modern aesthetic look of the lehenga-style skirt make many ladies fall head over heels for this salwar suit style. This latest salwar suit style is an excellent choice for special occasions such as weddings, receptions, parties and festivals. 

6. Palazzo Salwar Suit

Palazzo style salwar suit

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Being one of the best suit styles for ladies with wide-legged trousers (palazzo) and kameez, the palazzo salwar suit epitomises comfort and style. You can wear the kameez in a variety of lengths depending on your body type and preference. This is one of the latest salwar styles that is preferred by almost all working women for a comfortable yet professional look. 

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7. Sharara Style Salwar Suit

Sharara style salwar suit

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Embracing tradition and allure, the Sharara Style Salwar Suit is a captivating piece of clothing. These pants are often adorned with intricate details, embroidery, or patterns, elevating the outfit's charm. For those looking for different salwar designs, this latest salwar suit style is the perfect choice to have a balance of both comfort and elegance.

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8. Afghani Salwar Suit

Afghani salwar suit

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This is one of the latest salwar design patterns, offering a unique essence of traditional and modern style. Afghan fashion is reflected in the billowy, pleated pants accompanying the kameez. In addition to their graceful drape, these pants feature vibrant prints, embroideries, and tassels. This is one of the latest salwar styles that offer some of the best salwar suit designs for you to check out.  

9. Dhoti Style Salwar

Dhoti style salwar suit

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Dhoti-style salwars are becoming increasingly popular with women of all ages. This is one of the unique salwar suit styles that has the salwar resembling a dhoti, a garment worn in South Asia. It is a must-have salwar suit type for those who seek both ethnic charm and modern fashion in one piece of clothing. 

10. Floral Salwar Suit

Floral salwar suit

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Elegant and vibrant, floral salwar suits are an ideal ensemble for any occasion. Known as a kameez, this traditional Indian garment is one of the most beautiful salwar suit styles featuring a tunic-style top adorned with intricate floral patterns. This is one of the many different types of suits for ladies that offer a graceful and fresh aura to the outfit.

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11. Pant Style Suit for Ladies

Pant style salwar suit

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If you are someone looking for the latest salwar styles that present a modern twist on traditional elegance then the pant-style suit is the one for you. With its tailored lines, graceful demeanour, and different salwar designs the Pant Style Suit celebrates fashion's evolving landscape, empowering women to embrace a fusion of classic and trendy elements.

12. Flare Suit Design

Flared salwar suit

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This is one of the latest salwar styles that exudes a sense of movement and elegance. The Flare Suit Design's combination of a fitted top and flared bottom accentuates the wearer's figure while allowing for comfortable mobility. It embodies a harmonious blend of traditional aesthetics and contemporary flair.


The options are endless for those seeking different salwar designs and unique salwar suit styles. Fashion is an excellent way of expressing oneself so make use of your creativity and try new styles to find the style that’s unique to you, and just you. 

Looking for trendy and different salwar designs? Here are the latest salwar styles to take your fashion game to the next level and add your touch to every piece of clothing you own. 

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