Top Best Kurti Shop in Chennai - Just Salwars, Velachery

Top Best Kurti Shop in Chennai - Just Salwars, Velachery - Just Salwars

Kurti - A Timeless Garment 

The word "kurti" has a lot of attention and people just love it endlessly. Have you ever swayed at the sight of a colourful kurti hanging outside a shop? Of course, all of us would have. When it comes to Kurtis, we're all in the same boat. 

Kurtis were a common garment and traditional clothing worn by men and women in various countries including India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Kurtis is super comfy and suitable for every occasion. Kurtis is now the go-to clothing for casual daily wear to formal office wear. Irrespective of age, these days kurtis all worn by everyone. They are versatile apparel that can be paired with jeans, skirts, or salwars. 

Now, as we all are in agreement about our love for Kurtis, we can also agree on the fact that we would have Googled “best kurtis online” or “best kurti shops near me” before buying kurtis online or offline. Fair enough, because quality is important. To make your search easier we decided to write about the best kurti brand in Chennai. Not that we are bragging about our own brand but it is who we are. Read on to know why.

Top Kurti Brand in Chennai - Just Salwars 

We have been in the industry since 2007 maintaining an unbreakable bond with our customers for over 16 years. We take pride in delighting successive generations by offering what they love. At Just Salwars, we place significant emphasis on offering superior fabrics with the best quality and comfort. People call us the best kurti brand in Chennai because we cater to every need with endless varieties. Our retail showroom in Chennai offers kurtis, salwar suits, fancy suits, printed kurtis, straight-cut kuta sets, ethnic & party wear sets, designer salwar suits, short tops and much more. 


Keeping up with global trends, our products feature exceptional finishes and designs. A team of generations-old craftsmen and artisans manufacture these products for us. We offer best-in-class knitted fabrics with the finest-quality textiles at an affordable price.


Women of all ages love Just Salwars, as we provide an exclusive collection of ready-to-wear kurtis and salwar suit materials adorned with embellishments of embroidery and handwork. Each garment in Just Salwars is designed to elevate your style and elegance and style

Tailored to perfection

If you're looking for a one-shop where you not only find the perfect outfit but also have it tailored to your liking, we got you covered. 

No need to worry about stitching or altering your outfit. Here at Just Salwars, we have skilled professional tailors to seamlessly stitch your dresses to fit perfectly. You can discuss your preferred style and any personalised opinions with our expert tailors to make the best of your outfit.

Best Kurti Shop in Chennai - Just Salwars Kurtis

Discover an impressive array of diverse kurti styles to cater for every taste and occasion. From intricate embroidery to eye-catching prints and elegant plain colours, we have kurtis to suit every taste. Each piece of cloth makes a fashion statement with intricate neckwork and design elements.

Whether you prefer the sleek and simple look of straight-cut kurtas or the regal elegance of Anarkali Kurtis, Just Salwars in Velachery has it all. For those who appreciate modern flair, our selection includes trendy options like V-cut, flared, and A-line kurtis that effortlessly blend tradition with innovation.

Besides design, we understand the importance of materials too. Our Just Salwars kurti shop in Velachery offers an impressive variety of fabrics including breathable cotton, flowy chiffon, elegant Georgette, comfortable rayon, and luxurious muslin. Choose a fabric that suits your comfort, preference and style from the best kurti brand.

Step into our Just Salwars store in Velachery, Chennai and explore a world of kurti collections that reflect traditional beauty with contemporary fashion. 

Salwar Suits from Just Salwars

A salwar suit is a classic South Asian outfit made up of loose pants called "salwar" and a top called "kameez." It is very popular in countries like India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Our brand is the first to have a shop exclusively dedicated to salwar suits which defines our brand name Just Salwars. We offer Salwar suits in an array of materials including cotton, chiffon, silk, and fancy banarasi materials.

We specialise in both traditional and modern salwar suits with intricate neckwork and artistic designs. Our traditional salwar suits feature straight bottoms topped with a curvy kurta line. In contrast, the modern ones have lower necklines, shorter lengths, and tight fit with sleeve options. You can buy stitched or unstitched salwar suits and stitch them with our perfect in-house professionals. 

Visit our branch in Velachery or you might regret missing the best kurti brand in Chennai.  

Other Dresses from Just Salwars

Not only that, at Just Salwars, we provide a wide range of designer dress materials, Kurta sets co-ord sets, formal pants and jeans. Added on, our festive collections like Sharara sets, party wear frocks, gowns, crop top lehengas and party wear salwar suits will leave you mesmerised. Not only that, but our catalogue expands to Patiala suits, Anarkalis, and churidars sets. We do not compromise on our quality and design that’s the reason we still rank as the top kurti brand in Chennai. 

Being at Just Salwars, you can feel a shopping experience beyond words. With a wide range of kurtas, dress materials, cord sets, and more, our retail store in Velachery will surprise you with every outfit. Choose from trendy printed kurtis to hot-selling embroidery kurtis that will best suit your style and taste. 

So, next time you want to buy kurtis, we’re sure our kurti brand Just Salwars comes to mind. Step into the best kurti shop in Chennai, and experience a world of fashion possibilities. Explore our Pinterest page to discover the finest kurti collections exclusively for your wardrobe.