22 Latest Salwar Suit Neck Designs & Just Salwars

22 Latest Salwar Suit Neck Designs & Just Salwars - Just Salwars

Salwar Suits For Women

In the realm of Western fashion with ongoing fashion trends and styles, Indian salwar suits stand as a timeless and exquisite choice for contemporary women. Salwar suits epitomise the perfect blend of style and comfort, making them a beloved favourite ensemble.

The world of women's salwar suits is diverse, with trendy neck designs, sleeve styles, and fabric choices, ranging from chic party-wear salwar suits to contemporary fusion palazzo salwar suits. While there is a huge variety of the latest salwar suit designs to choose from, the diversity truly shines through their distinct neck designs

A well-chosen neck design for salwar suits can emphasise your body features and make your outfit look more elegant and sophisticated. To help you enhance your salwar suit style, we offer a stunning collection of the latest salwar suit neck designs, perfect for this festive season.

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Types of Salwar Suits Neck Designs

Latest neck designs for salwar suits exude a unique charm and elegance, to adorn your special occasions. Simple and beautiful salwar suit neck designs bring out the real beauty and elevate the overall look.

1. U Neck Design For Suits

U Neck Salwar Suit Design

Source: Pinterest

The U-neck salwar suit design is a classic choice that has remained a favourite among fashion enthusiasts for decades. This neck design forms a gentle, open "U" shape at the front and suits a wide range of body types. U salwar neck designs are highly adaptable with different sleeve types for both casual and formal events.

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2. Round Neck Design For Suits

round neck design salwar suit

Source: Pinterest

The round-neck salwar suit design has stood the test of time in fashion. A simple circular-shaped salwar neck design creates an enduring style. Whether you're attending a casual gathering, a formal event, or simply as daily wear, a round-neck salwar suit can be your go-to choice.

3. V Neck Design For Suits

V Neck Salwar Design

Source: Pinterest

The modest V-neck design for salwar suits is a popular choice combining beauty with a touch of modernity. This neckline features a gentle, modest V-shaped cut with an elongated neckline than the traditional salwar suit neck design. For a statement look pair a V-neck salwar suit with a choker necklace.

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4. Square Neck Design For Suits

Square Neck Salwar Suit

Source: Pinterest

The square neck design for salwar suits is a chic choice for a glam and elegant look. It features a square or rectangular neck design framing the neck and collarbone area. The square neck salwar suit design offers ample space for accessorising with dainty pearl pendants, seamlessly combining modern aesthetics with structured lines.

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5. Sweetheart Neck Design For Suits

Sweetheart Salwar Neck Design

Source: Pencry. top

A sweetheart salwar suit neck design is an inspired neckline style from Western ball gowns. The sweetheart salwar neck design has a slightly curved dip at the centre, resembling a heart shape. The salwar sweetheart neck design with sheer netted fabric is an appealing choice for parties to dazzle in the night lights.

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6. Boat Neck Design For Suits

Boat Neck Salwar Suit

Source: Pinterest

The boat neck design for salwar suits is a stylish neckline characterised by its wide, horizontal shape that extends much like the outline of a boat. A Salwar suit with a boat neck design is a fashion-forward choice for a modern and sophisticated look. They are suitable for a wide range of occasions, from work events to social gatherings and celebrations.

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7. Chinese Collar Neck Design For Suits

Chinese Collar salwar suit

Source: Pinterest

A Chinese collar neck design popularly known as the Nehru collar, is a unique salwar neck design, with a short stand-up collar framing upward. Chinese collar neck design is usually adorned with embroidery and sequins, creating a visually appealing look. It provides full coverage suitable for formal occasions and professional settings.

8. High Neckline For Suits

High Neck Salwar Suit Design

Source: Pinterest

The high-neck salwar suit design provides a modest and refined look. Salwar suits with high necklines can be versatile and adapt to various styles of suits, including straight-cut, A-line, or Anarkali suits. High Neck salwar suits look great with a statement necklace and long earrings.

9. Pot & Patch Neck Design For Suits

Pot Neck Salwar Suit

Source: Pinterest

The pot and patch neck design in salwar suits is a creative and stunning design known for its artistic and colourful patterns. Pot patchwork involves making a broad pot cut in the fabric and attaching a contrast design cloth with embellishments of mirrors, beads and sequins into the neckline area. This unique pot and patch salwar neck design is celebrated for its creative and vibrant appearance. 

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10. Scoop Neck Design For Suits

Scoop Neck Salwar Suit

Source: Pinterest

The scoop neck is the latest neck design for salwar suits with wide U-shaped scoops. The scoop neck design imparts grace and flattery creating an illusion of a longer neck length. The depth of the scoop neckline varies from shallow to deep, depending on individual preference and the tone of the occasion. This salwar suit neck design is a great choice for everyday apparel.

11. Halter Neckline For Suits

Halter Neck salwar suit

Source: Pinterest

Halter neckline salwar suits are a stylish and daring choice radiating sophistication and regal. It features two straps that come up from the bodice and wrap around the back of the neck. The halter neckline is a very popular choice for weddings and elite occasions. It looks great when paired with a stylish dupatta or scarf.

12. Close Cut Neckline For Suits

Close Cut Salwar Neck Design

Source: Pinterest

A close-cut neckline is a common neck design found in Indian apparel, including salwar suits. This neckline is characterised by its fitted shape, hugging the base of the neck tightly.  Due to its snug and high neckline, close-cut salwar suit neckdesigns are a great option for ethnic and ceremonial events.

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13. Alia Cut Neckline For Suits

Alia salwar suit

Source: Pinterest

The recent trendy Alia cut neckline is the latest neck design for salwar suits with a distinct crisscross cut in the neckline. The Alia cut neck design has gained attention for its blend of fashionable and ethnic clothing styles. Alia cut salwar suits are in huge demand and the best way to dress up for celebrations like weddings, Haldi and sangeet ceremonies.  

14. Dori Neck Design For Suits

Dori Neck Salwar Suit

Source: Pinterest

The front dori is a type of captivating and trendy neck design. This salwar neck design features a lace or a string (dori) at the front of the neckline. The dori can be tied into a bow or left hanging. Match the dori neckline salwar suit with different sleeve lengths and styles, for a vacation day at the beach. 

15. Betel Leaf Neck Design For Suits

Betel Leaf Salwar Suit neck design

Source: Pinterest

The betel leaf salwar suit neck design is a distinctive and artistic style inspired by nature. It features a unique, leaf-shaped cutout at the neckline of the salwar suit, resembling a betel leaf. The betel leaf neck design for salwar suits works well with a variety of fabrics, from silk and chiffon to cotton and georgette.

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16. Collared Neck Design For Suits

Collored Salwar Suit Neck Design

Source: Pinterest

The collared neck design for salwar suits is often chosen as workwear for corporate events due to its formal and professional appearance. Collar neck designs feature subtle embroidery with wood buttons to give a polished look. This salwar suit neck design is highly popular among college women seeking class and stylishness.

17. Angrakha Neck Design For Suits

Anakrakha Salwar Suit

Source: Pinterest

The Angrakha salwar neck design is a unique neck design from the traditional attire of North India. The defining feature of the Angrakha design is the crossover front, where one side of the garment wraps over the other, creating an asymmetrical and layered effect. Angrakha salwar neckline is woven with rich embellishments, best suited to wear in festivals and celebrations.

18. Off Shoulder Neck Design For Suits

Off Shoulder Salwar Suit

Source: Pinterest

The off-shoulder trendy salwar suit neck design is a contemporary and glamorous style that brings a touch of allure to traditional wear.  Off-shoulder salwar suits are a great way to stand out from the rest. They are celebrated for their fashion-forward appearance and are a popular choice for parties and special occasions.  

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19. Matka Neck design

Matka Neck Salwar Suit

Source: Pinterest

Matka is a type of neck design for salwar suits and is a  semi-circular neckline with a broad border or piping, which provides a defined frame. Its rounded shape and the prominent border with sequins work are suited for a wide range of occasions. This matka salwar suit neck design looks pretty and graceful for women with broad shoulders and a heavy face.

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20. Keyhole Neck Design

Keyhole Salwar Suit Design

Source: Pinterest

The keyhole salwar suit neck design is a stylish neck design celebrated for its elegant and alluring appearance. The salwar suit has a small, keyhole-shaped opening at the neckline, surrounded by a bordered design. It is a contemporary and distinctive choice for those seeking to make a stylish statement and stand out from the crowd.

21. Deep Cut Neckline

Deep neck Salwar suit 

Source: Pinterest

The deep-cut neck design for salwar suits is a bold and daring way to embrace your glamour side. With plunging cuts extending lower than traditional necklines, deep-cut salwar suits are a popular choice for parties, grand events, and special occasions where you want to make a dramatic entrance. Deep-cut salwar suits are a great way to embrace your curves and look glamorous. 

22. Broad Round Neck Design

Broad Round Neck Salwar design

Source: Pinterest

The broad round salwar suit neck design has a wide, circular neckline that offers an elegant and charming look. The wide round neck suits all body types and offers comfort and ease of wear. The broad round salwar neck design is sure to grace your parties and festivals. 

With this insightful blog on the latest salwar suit neck designs, you will have figured out which salwar neck design works best for you. Make sure to pick one that you feel comfortable in and suits your body type. Lastly, accessorise your salwar suit style with the right jewellery and footwear.

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